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Metrolux Lighting

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Fumagalli- Italy

Founded 1973, Fumagalli is a leading worldwide lighting manufacturer that provide outdoor lighting products. Their lighting products are made of galvanized steel covered with resin material. 


Alpha- Malaysia

Founded 1996, The Malaysian  fan manufacturer is a leading exporter to majority of Asian and European countries. Alpha consistently brings quality and innovative fan products to the market.

Opple- China

Founded 1996, based in Shanghai, China, The lighting manufacturer provide lighting products and services ranging from electronic application to huge scale lighting solution.

PHILIPS- Netherlands

Philips, now under Signify, is a leading company that provide high-quality, energy-saving lighting products, systems and services.


Eglo- Austria

Eglo is a leading manufacturer which specialise in decorative interior lighting products 

Simon- Spain

Founded in 1916, Simon is the world's largest specialized switch manufacturer . Simon provide switches that are stylish and high-quality which easily grace any home or office