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About Us


Since 1995, 

our group has been offering a wide range of quality and reasonably priced lighting products
in the state of Pena

We are one of the most comprehensive lightings
showroom in northern Malaysia and is the parent company of Ka Lighting-Perai & Ka

We provide residential, commercial, industrial, and customised lighting. Metrolux
Lighting offers medium to high-end lighting goods, and Ka Lightings generally focuses on the
needs of common lighting goods.

Besides our huge range of lighting collections, our stores also offer a complete selection of classic and designer ceiling fans.


More than 25 years of 


We have the know-how you need.

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We provide consultations based on our 25+ years of experience. Because of our lighting expertise, our clients regularly entrust us with lighting projects which include notable ones like: 

  • Penang Turf Club

  • Summit 191 Executive Suite

  • Bertam Water Park

  • SIBS Factory plant

  • Penang Club

  • Seri Mutiara 

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